Family physicians focus on your overall health, unlike other specialists that are limited in scope to a particular organ or disease. The physicians at Tri-State Family Practice have undergone extensive training and are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages. This training positions us as best qualified to serve as a patient advocate in all health-related matters. Beyond diagnosing and treating illness, we focus on preventitve care and also manage chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, in cooperation with other subspecialists.

Family Medicine

Women's Health


In the majority of households, women serve as the caregivers of the family. It's important to visit us regularly so we can take care of you and help you to continue providing your nurturing care. We provide the following:


  • wellness

  • birth control

  • pelvic exams

  • pap smears

  • STD treatments

  • breast cancer screenings

  • colposcopy

  • cryotherapy

  • LEEP procedures

Sports Medicine


Whether you are a serious athlete or a casual walker, your family physician can keep you on the path of good health by guiding you in injury prevention and management, training, nutrition, and healthy eating and exercise.

Minor Office Procedures


The professionals at Tri-State Family Practice have extensive experience in minor office procedures including but not limited to the following:


  • colposcopy

  • laceration repair

  • fracture care

  • casting

  • mole & cyst removal



Kids don't come with instruction manuals, but a great place to learn about caring for them is to attend the recommended schedule of check-ups from infancy through adolescence. We recommend visiting us for the following:

  • vaccinations

  • well child

  • acute illness

  • chronic illness

  • ​sports physicals

  • urgent care

Newborn Care


The gift of a newborn baby can be overwhelming for new parents. Our doctors will put you at ease with our years of experience both with patients as well as first-hand experience with our own bundles of joy. We provide the following comprehensive newborn care:


  • immunizations

  • treatment of illness

  • nutritional guidance

  • developmental assessment

  • wellness check-ups

  • illness prevention

  • injury prevention



Annual check-ups are recommended for everyone — even healthy people! Your annual physical is an opportunity to listen to your body's signals and track any changes that may be out of the norm for you. Your body often gives indications of onsetting disease prior to actually succombing to the disease.


Give your doctor the opportunity to tune in to what your body is saying at least once per year. Your birthday month is a good time to schedule this important appointment!

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